12" Vishnu Sridevi & Bhoodevi Moorthi Brass idol

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Brass idols of Lord Maha Vishnu, Sridevi(Laxmi) and Bhoodevi idols. Intricately carved statues.

Product : 1 Vishnu, 1 Laxmi & 1 Padmavathi idols
Height of Vishnu : 12.7"/ 32 cm, Height of Laxmi : 11.5"/ 29 cm, Height of Padmavathi : 11.5"/ 29 cm

Type      :  Brass

Description : Lord Sri Maha Vishnu with his two cortisans, Goddess Laxmi Goddess Padmavathi. Both are wives of Vishnu. Also know as Bhoodevi is the earth. Sridevi is property and assets and all the glamor and splendor that comes with that.

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