4 x 8 inches Mirror Wooden Wall Decor in Tanjore Style Gift Shop Now

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Size : Height : 4 inches / 10 cm
Width : 8 inches / 20 cm
Material : Wood Frame
Design : Semi precious stones and Gold foil
Lead Time : 3-4 days

Traditional wooden frame with mirror and foil inlaid Tanjore works

Description: Handmade wooden mirror frame with parrot design. The parrot is done in Thanjavur / Tanjore style of Art.

Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur. It is distinguished by its famous gold coating.

Thanjavur paintings are characterised by rich, flat and vivid colors, simple iconic composition, glittering gold foils overlaid on delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or very rarely precious and semi-precious gems.

Thanjavur paintings are panel paintings done on wooden planks, and hence referred to as palagai padam (palagai = "wooden plank"; padam = "picture") in local parlance. In modern times, these paintings have become souvenirs for festive occasions in South India - colourful pieces of art to decorate walls, and collectors' items for art lovers


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