Sticker Kolams Rangoli Traditional Artistic Designs in South India

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Height : 22.8 cm / 9"
Width :  22.8 cm / 9""

Material : Plastic
No of items : 1 Sheet
Type : Sticker Sheet
Assorted designs

A beautiful set of sticker sheet with the traditional Kolam prints on it. Decorative rangoli designs for any occasion.

History : A Kolam is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. In South India, it is widely practiced art form. These designs are passed from one generation to the other.

Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes. In olden days, kolams were drawn in coarse rice flour, so the ants would not have to walk too far or too long for a meal. The rice powder also invited birds and other small creatures to eat it, thus welcoming other beings into one's home and everyday life: a daily tribute to harmonious co-existence.

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