2.6" Brass Sandal Wood Paste Bowl Chandanakinnam

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Number of items : 1 sandal wood brass bowl
Type   :  Brass
Size :
       Height : 2.6" /6.6 cm
       Diameter : 3.5" / 8.9 cm 
Weight : 60gms(Approx)

Traditional brass Sandal wood paste bowl. Quality brass handle.

Description: For marriages or religious functions, guests are traditionally welcomed by smearing sandalwood paste on the either sides of the cheeks, for ladies and on the wrist for gents.  When guests come to the function few ladies stand at the entrance and first sprinkle rose water, then they smear chandanam paste, apply few drops of perfume and give them flowers.This is a traditional way of welcoming the guests. The Sandalwood paste is stored in a vessel called Chandanamkinnam in Tamil. 

Sandalwood paste is an integral part of Indian culture. Sandalwood paste is called Chandanam in India. Indian women from time immemorial used sandalwood paste to beautify their skin. They decorate their face with smearing of sandalwood paste on their face either as a dot in the forehead of a strip on the cheeks. Priests use sandalwood paste to decorate the utensils used for ritual puja. In some temples, Gods are given ceremonial bath in sandalwood paste mixed in water known aschandanaabhishekam. For particular idols of Gods sandalwood paste is given a layer of coating called chandanampoota and the dried chandanam, after scaling it from the deity, is distributed to the devotees as a sacred prasadam.

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