Traditional Indian Pure White Cotton Dothi Dhoti & Ankavastaram with gold border

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Colour : White

Description : Good quality white dhotis with gold colour zari borders elegant to be worn for occasion and trendy looks. Ethnic wear for special occasions. It has double side border. Traditional Indian costume.

Environmentally friendly as it is pure cotton. Easy to wash.


In southern India, the garment is worn at all cultural occasions and traditional ceremonies. The bridegroom in a south Indian wedding and the host/main male participant of other rituals and ceremonies have necessarily to be dressed in the traditional pancha while performing the ceremonies.

The pancha is worn by many orthodox Jain males when they visit the temple for prayer, as they are required to wear unstitched clothes in accordance to their belief in ahimsa. They wear a loose, unstitched cloth, shorter than the panchaon the top.

Over the past century or more, western styles of clothing have been steadily gaining ground in the region, gradually rendering the pancha a garment for home-wear, not generally worn to work. It is less popular among the youth in major metropolises and is viewed as rustic, unfashionable and not 'hip' enough for the younger age-set. However, use of the pancha as a garment odaily use and f homewear continues largely unabated.
(Courtesy : Wikipedia)

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