29 inches Kerala Design Nila Vilakku Diya NilaVilakku Brass Lamp

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Traditional South Indian Nila diya. Popularly called NilaVilakku , this beautiful brass diyas are authentic oil lamp's of India. These lamps are used to adorn temples, mandaps and homes.

Number of items : 1 Diya
Approx Height : 29" / 73.6 cm
Weight : 6 kgs
Lead Time : 15 days

Description : Nilavilakku is the traditional brass lamp in Kerala. Nilavilakku is an auspicious lamp used at homes, pujas and weddings. Lighting the lamp is considered auspicious in many South Asian cultures. In Kerala this particular type of diya known as Nila vilakku is used in most occasions. They are hand made and looks very elegant to light-in up your festival.

Optimum quality virgin metals such as copper and zinc in required proportions along with high quality of brass. This handicraft item is designed by our skilled artisans with immense care.

The diyas are mainly used   as oil lamps. The wick is made from cotton and the oil used is mostly vegetable oil.

How to maintain : Use brass cleaning solutions to clean them once in a month. Tamarind can also be used to bring polish.

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