Fresh Henna Mehendi Pre-Filled Cone

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12 Mehendi cones each is 30 gms. Used for special occasions and marriages. Free design book with a collection of henna designs to be tried with artistic patterns Description : Painless temporary tattoos. Cutting edge.. Cool.. Painless.. Fun.. No needles.., just a natural paste. What was in this month might be out the next, so with Mehendi a lifetime commitment (like real tattoos) is not necessary as the designs fade within a 2-3 weeks. Contents : Our cones are made of natural henna, The end result is deep red or orange depending on your skin tone. It has NO chemicals or dye added and is completely safe for children too. How To : Cone Design : 1. Cut a small opening on the tip of the henna cone (sharper tip with the cap). 2. Check the book and draw the design on your palm or leg. 3. Leave it to dry for 2 hours. 4. After it is completely dry wash it off with normal water. Mehndi: The art of decorating hands and feet with henna has been in vogue for the past 5,000 years and even though the designs fade the art has withstood the impact of change.

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