500 gms Natural Hebal Henna Powder Mehndi Hair Conditioner Colouring

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Description : Henna to apply on hair and palms. Formulated using qualitative heena leaves, singh heena can be used for various purposes in weddings and ceremonies.

The fine heena leaves are blended and formulated into smooth and fine powder to ensure qualitative heena mehndi for various purposes.


1.Soak henna overnight or min 3 hours(mix with tea liquor or coffee powder for better results)
2.Apply in small sections of the hair & comb through
3.Allow to remain in hair for 2-3 hrs, if a deep tint is required
4.Rinse off with water & shampoo
5.To get rid of dandruff blend henna powder with fresh curd or plain yogurt & then.


1. Make a paste of henna in a container. Mix thoroughly without lumps.
2. Make a cone the size of your choice.
3. Fill the paste in a cone
4. Make a very small cut at the tip of the cone
5. First try the designs on a paper or cloth before trying it on your skin.
6. Hold the tip close to the skin without touching it. Squeeze slowly so the paste comes in the dezired  size.
7. Allow the henna to dry at least for 1 hour.
8. For deep colour you can apply tea water or mehendi oil on the design.
9. Wash of the dried henna with water or scrape it gently.
10. Remember..practice makes perfect.

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