4" Lord Krishna Baby Krish Kanna Brass Statue Buy Now

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No of Items : 1 Lord Krishna
Type : Brass
Size :
Height : 4 inches / 10.2 cm
Length : 3.8 inches / 9.6 cm
Weight : 700gms (approx)

Lord Krishna brass statue.Beautifully carved brass Krishna statues add charm & elegance to your home and the surroundings. Krishna is believed to bring prosperity & happiness therefore people keep brass Krishna statues in their homes.

History : The most engaging aspect Lord Krishna are the stories of his boyhood. Although his divinity is never left in doubt, it is subordinated to the more human side of his nature. Thus he is described has a mischievous child, whose mother was inclined to overlook the pranks he played on her and their neighbours. Here the adorable little Krishna is poised on his knees, one hand stealthily tucked into a pot of butter. The lower part of his feet are slightly raised, in order to facilitate his flight if the rightfull owner approchsed him. If one such famous incident he brock the pitcher containing this delicious, made a ball of butter that fell out and played with it. when a complaint was maid to his mother, try as she might, she could not be crossed with him, as she charmed her with his feigned innocence. She could only manage smile at him. He is beautifully bejeweled, and his flute is tucked inside his dhoti. Undoubtedly, the " innocent Prankser " has many more pranks up his sleeve.

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