3" Indian Lord Garuda Brass Decorative Statue.

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Beautifully carved brass Garuda  statues add charm & elegance to your home and the surroundings. Garuda is believed to bring prosperity & happiness therefore people keep brass Garuda statues .

Number of Items : Garuda Statue
Height: 3'' / 7.5 cm

width: 1.2'' / 3.2 cm

Description : Brass statue of  Standing posture.

The Garuda is one of the most powerful demigods and is given an important place in Indian mythology. This can be gauged by the very fact that there is a complete Upanishad and Purana on him.

History : Garuda has always played a very important and vital role in his master, Vishnu's life. In fact, Indian art itself is a testimony to Garuda's gigantic persona. It is said that the Veda chants can be heard with each movement of Garuda's massive wings.The Garuda, the vahana of Sri Maha Vishnu, one of the Divine Trinity, is a large mythical eagle-like entity that is part of both Hindu and Buddhist culture.Garuda has several other names such as Syena, Gaganeshvara, Chirada, Khageshvara, Kashyapi, Kamayusha, Sitanana, Sudhahara, Nagantaka, Tarkshya, Suparna, Vishnuratha, Vainateya and so on. 

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