3.2" Brass Komatha Kamadhenu Cow Standing Statue

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Brass Komatha Kamadhenu, the sacred cow with calf. Quality brass statue.

Number of Items : 1 Kamadhenu with Calf
Metal : Brass
Polish : Dull finish

Height : 3.2 " / 8.3 cm

Description : Brass statue of Cow with Calf

Kamadhenualso known as Surabhi  is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hindu Religion as the mother of all cows. She is a miraculous "cow of plenty" who provides her owner whatever he desires.We offer skillfully handcrafted Brass cow statue in magnificent designs and sizes. This decorative items are hand carved by some of the finest sculpture artists of India. All carvings are done in uniquely Indian style. Get this religious and inspirational collectible figurines to achieve divine feelings at home, office or any other place. 


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