6pcs Mehandi Stencil Design

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6 nos Henna stencils that comes in various beautiful design to decorate palms and fingers  in a neat manner. It's adhesive, rubber, & reusable.

How To :

1.Make a paste of henna in a container
2. Soak the paste for min of 3-4 hours
3.Fill the paste in a cone or use the Stencil to make beautiful designs
4.Apply the henna as per the design on hands & feet.

1.Soak henna overnight or min 3 hours(mix with tea liquor or coffee powder for better results)
2.Apply in small sections of the hair & comb through
3.Allow to remain in hair for 2-3 hrs, if a deep tint is required
4.Rinse off with water & shampoo
5.To get rid of dandruff blend henna powder with fresh curd or plain yogurt & then apply.

Mehndi: The art of decorating hands and feet with henna has been in vogue for the past 5,000 years and even though the designs fade the art has withstood the impact of change.

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