Hindu Deity Kamandal or Kamandalam

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Height : 7" / 17.6 cm
Width : 5" / 12.5 cm

Dazzling deity kamandalam accessory in glittering stones. Used for Hindu idols and statues

Product       : 1 Kamandalam
Type             :  Imitation gold finish

Description : Glittering stones stuuded Kamandalam. 

History : Water in a kamandalu represents Amrita—the elixir of life—thus a symbol of fertility, life and wealth. The kamandalu is often depicted in hands of gods, who appear as ascetics, like Shiva and Brahma and also water deities like Varuna, Ganga (the goddess of the Ganges river) and Sarasvati. Adi Shankaracharya’s ashtotaram hymn praises Shiva whose hand is adorned with the kamandalu. Other deities like the fire-god Agni and the preceptor of the gods, Brihaspati, are depicted carrying the kamandalu.

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