3 pieces Copper Water Tumbler Ayurvedic Healing Properties

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Traditional Indian High quality  Stainless Steel 6 Pieces Tumbler Set  .

Made From High Quality Stainless Steel Making It Exclusive And Durable\

Copper tumbler for drinking water.

Copper is an Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging.Copper also helps in healing wounds and relieving pains.Copper has anti-microbial properties and can inhibit growth of harmful bacteria like E.Coli or Staphylococcus  Storing water only for about three hours in a copper jug can kill harmful bacteria. It can prevent from amoebiasis, dyesentry, diahrrhea, cholera, jaundince and other water poisoning. Made from quality copper. It exclusive and durable

Height  : 3.7" / 10 cm
Diameter of base : 2.1" / 5.5 cm

Number of items : 3 tumblers

Ideal for keeping spices fresh and close at hand for cooking.

Sturdy for everyday use.This product has been specifically designed taking quality and traditional kitchen utility into account. Hygienic, easy to clean and unbreakable, the UCS Stainless Steel

This set is perfect for gifting purposes at weddings, anniversaries. This also makes it ideal for travel; camping or places where paper or plastic tumblers are not allowed.

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