Brass Flower Basket For Puja Poola Sajja

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Traditional brass flower basket. Quality brass handle.

Number of items : 1 Flower basket

Type   :  Brass

Height : 2.4" / 6 cm
Length : 7" / 17.5 cm
Width : 6" / 15 cm

 Description: The flower baskets are called “Poola Sajja” in Telugu language. The brass flower basket is normally used to carry flowers to the temple for performing pooja to the temple deity. The basket holds the flowers and the handle is convenient to carry the basket.  The entire basket is handmade.  Flowers are one of the most beautiful and colourful creations in nature. Flowers are an essential part of the Hindu way of doing ritual prayers known as “Pooja”. Hindu scriptures say that essentially any of the three things namely “Pushpam”,“Phalam”, and “Toyam” meaning flower, fruit, and water should be offered to God. The first place is given to flowers for offering to God as Hindus believe that flowers are the most preferred and favourite offerings for God. Flowers are very delicate in nature and have to be handled carefully. Mutilated flowers and withered flowers are not fit for pooja. Hence, flower baskets are used to hold the plucked flowers from the plants, to carry the flowers to temples for pooja, or to keep the flowers at the location of pooja.

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