Brass Elephant Statue

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Traditional brass Elephant statue. Quality brass handle.

Number of Items : 1 Elephant Statue
Height : 2.5 " / 6.5 cm
Length : 3.5 " / 9 cm
Metal : Brass
Polish : Dull finish

Elephant - Symbol of the Highest True Self.

Description : Beautiful brass elephant statue. A stunning piece of brass art.  Elephants have always played a prominent part in Indian culture. They are considered to be very sacred and symbolize good luck and prosperity; hence they are usually a part of most Indian weddings. Throughout history, elephants were present at royal weddings. Royalty and Nawabs would ride on elephants to their wedding venues to symbolize their power.

Perfect for your home or office to attract good luck to you and your surroundings with thos brass statue.Elephants are symbols of good luck as well as symbolizing a good memory and wisdom. In Buddhism, The Precious Elephant is a symbol of the strength of the mind. Displaying noble gentleness, the precious elephant serves as a symbol of the peaceful dignity shown by one who is on the path.



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